B7-Drinking & Drawing

The Drinking and Drawing activity started off being a little rough because I did not know how I wanted to start my drawings, but the more I got into it the funnier it became. It was pretty frustrating because we weren’t able to erase what we messed up on so I had to find art within my flaws. I do like to draw when I’m being told too, but I do just draw for a hobby. When drawing I enjoyed being outside taking in the environment. I do need feel that if I were to draw for 100 hours or even up to 1,000 hours I could become a better drawer because I’ll start betting my craft by focusing on the little details and so on. My major is Communications and I could use sketching if I were to turn to Public Relations or if I were to work for a company and turn to marketing when working on projects how I would want something to look.

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