B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

This was my first time ever doing plaster casting. I had never heard of it before taking this class. I went to Seal Beach and got right to it. The beach was very cold the day I went, but I still enjoyed doing this project. I notice how important it was to have the just right amount of water while doing this activity because it could mess up the whole plaster process. After getting the water I dug a hole in the sand and put my hand in the hole. I wanted to make a peace sign with my plaster casting. When removing my hand from the hole I dug, I found out that I had to remove it very slowly because if I didn’t it would ruin the shape of how I would want it to come out. After I mixed up the plaster and at first the plaster was loose and watery, but after a while, it turned into this thick liquid that was just right. I poured the plaster in the hole very slowly and at this point, I had to make sure I was careful because I didn’t want plaster all over the place. I wanted 30 mins for the plaster to dry up. During this time I was helping others create their plaster and enjoying the beach view. After the 30 mins were up I had to dig around the plaster and pull it out when I was able to see the first plaster casting I’ve ever done. My plaster casting came out looking like a rabbit instead of a peace sign but next I know to make sure I position my hands correctly that way it could get that perfect shape.

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