B8- Short Story – “The Blue Men Club”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA a boy name Ray grew up in this urban community known as the Jordan Downs. In grade school he attended 102nd street school. Ray was always different from the rest of the kids because he was very mature for his age and had a very strong mindset. He discovered that he was really into different colors and patterns. He loved colors and patterns a lot that he showed it through his clothing. Ray would wear  bright Hawaiian shirts ranging from blue, red, and yellow. These shirts he wore had several prints on them  from retro cars to palm trees. Ray clothes stood out where a person would be able to see him from a mile away. The reason Ray loved wearing these bright color is because it expressed who he truly was and made him happy.

       As life progressed Ray started to figure out the different activities he enjoyed doing and it match with how crazy his fashion was.lining up with the colors and patterns. Ray love to go on random adventures and not know what the outcome was going to be like. He dreamed of places like going sky or cliff jumping because he lived by “Live Life with Thrill”. Ray looked up a lot to his father and got a lot of inspiration on how to live his life because he believe that his dad was a free spirit. Ray also notice that his dad favorite color was blue and even thought Ray love multiple colors and being bright when it came down to him choosing his ultimate favorite color he knew it was blue. just like his father.

        Ray felt that the color blue symbolized multiple meanings. Blue symbolized depth and stability. The color represent loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, and confidence. These are some of the traits Ray had discover about him self growing up as a kid being different and not scared to express hime self to others. Ray did not care about what people would say about him because he was confident enough to stand up for what he believe made him happy and what was right “Being True to Yourself”. Ray felt that Blue represented something powerful within men and they are only a few who would be in the “Blue Men” club. Ray knew that his father was a blue man and that Ray himself is becoming one because of how he was growing up and the color blue is somehow starting to take over his life. 

         Moving forward, once Ray reached his middle age years he was obsess with the color blue. His obsession had gotta so big that he painted his entire house blue reminding him of the ocean and peace. When walking into his house every item in the house was of some sort of blue ranging from the couch, bed, kitchen, and etc.Ray went from loving multiple colors to hearing his calling being known as loving the color blue. Deep down inside blue represented who Ray was as a person and so does many other men around the world. Blue is a way of expressing oneself and not everyone could be in the “Blue Men” club. From the day when Ray discover that blue was special to him til now he has not stop wearing blue. Once a blue man, always a blue man until death.

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