B5 – Graffiti Writing

This was my first time ever doing graffiti so this was a great experience for me. It was very different. From the start I had to search up how to do bubble letters because I haven’t write like that. At first it was hard to draw out my nickname but after a while I got us to it. Moving forward when starting to graffiti it was hard for me to stay in the line because my spray paint kept going out side of the lines and splashing in a way. I realized that I need to spray paint further away from where I’m applying it to. I think when graffitiing it is beast to do it on the wall or a larger object because it was hard to do in on a cardboard box. After writing and graffitiing my name I decided I wanted to get more creative and spray paint smiley faces, and creepy faces. Drawing the face was more easier for me because I felt that I had more freedom when doing that and when drawing my name it was hard because I had to stay within the lines I had drew before. Overall this was an awesome experience and I now know how hard it is to graffiti and appreciate the artist who take the time to actually do this as a hobby. 

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