B3 – Art Experience – Finger Painting

When doing this finger paint project I enjoyed the idea of being free while doing art. In my mind while doing this project I wanted to do a famous art piece with a mordern twist. I incorporated lot of bright colors while mixing blues and reds to create dark purple, while using yellow and green to create blue and later on turning into brown with orange. This experience was not a hard one for me when thinking of having the idea to paint with no subject. Once I started to paint everything else just flowed. I was very inspired when I decided to rub the painting all together and splattering paint all over it creating what I felt like a master piece. Compared to other painting I have seen in my life time, the paintings have to be neat and well organized. The painting have straight or very fine lines when looking at the finish piece it comes together as one. With my painting you could see what I was going for, but then again it makes the viewer think twice. Overall, I enjoyed this project and the the outcome of it.

the night of the storm

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